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I am returning from a National Speakers Association (NSA) conference in Phoenix, Arizona. (I know, who listens at Speakers Conferences? It begs the question.) What struck me was how many people, and I mean literally, every single person I spoke to, was willing to share their best practices on marketing, platform skills, book publishing, creating clever stories, and all parts of operating a speaking business. People shared their good, bad and ugly aspects with a transparency that was both honest and inspiring. People actively look for others who are maybe not as far along as they are in the speaking world and they mentor them. It reminds me of a quote that states something like “Wherever you are, there is someone behind you. Maybe they are 2 steps, 7 steps, or a mile behind you. Wherever you are, wherever you might be, you’re in a position to reach behind you, grab someone else, and push them forward.” What I find so motivational is that it appeared to me that everyone at NSA was actively looking to find people they could push forward. Wow. We would create opportunities for each other. If everyone in business pushed each other forward, we really would make a bigger economic pie. Have a great Thanksgiving week! Mary Kelly


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