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As I got into the elevator at the airport, I was struck with how fabulously happy and grateful I felt that moment. A friend dropped me off at the airport, other friends called to make sure I was going to the National Speakers Association conference, and still more friends called to see when I was returning. What fabulous friends! As I stood in the elevator I was just overcome by how wonderful to is to feel completely cared for by many wonderful, kind, caring people. How thankful I am for the people in my life who bless me on a daily basis. Then I walked out of the elevator, and a little boy running toward the elevator tripped, tossing his coke all over me and my clothes. But I laughed because I had 4 layers of clothing on, because it was 20 degrees when I left my house. And I was full of gratitude because I abundantly own 4 layers to wear. Mary Kelly


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