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Once Upon a Pancake I love the idea that we get to eat cake for breakfast. Same ingredients, syrup instead of frosting, but cake for breakfast. Since I seldom eat dessert after dinner (I am usually way too full), I think it is helpful to occasionally celebrate the of the day with cake. Okay, I realize that nutritionally this could be improved with fruit and egg whites and maybe some spinach, but I like the idea that we get to enjoy good things first. I was looking at my “good dishes” yesterday and realized that I had not used them for years. They are gorgeous, with a rim of sterling silver setting off a white plate. They are elegant and beautiful. They were also expensive and I live in fear that I will break one. How silly is that? To not use the “good china” because I am worried about losing one, when I am essentially losing all of them by not using them. Then I thought, how many of my friends are a little dusty (metaphorically) because I have not seen them in a while? I have great friends and I miss them, even the ones I have not spoken to in a long while. So I think I will apply my pancake idea to the rest of my life. I am going to wash off my good china and reconnect with some old friends. Mary Kelly


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