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I consider myself a fairly organized person, although those closest to me might disagree. My business files are always maintained extremely well, but my office is not picture perfect. It is neat, and I can generally find anything I want quickly, but apparently I have my problems stem from areas that cannot be seen. Such as the inside of my desk. So I decided to clean out my office desk drawer and provide my loyal reads with an accounting of the inventory tucked inside. It seems like a prelude to a Christmas song. The Twelve Days of Desk Drawers: 1 pair of scissors 2 Starbucks cards 3 paint can openers (those key looking things) 4 nail files 5 rolls of tape 6 lonely bullets (no idea, afraid to ask myself) 7 lost buttons 8 books of stamps (I always have stamps – when I was in my teens a wise lady once told me that responsible people always have stamps, which also may be why I get a trifle bit annoyed at people to drive to the post office and then stand in line just to buy one stamp. One stamp people! Buy a book! Carry it around with you! But I digress from my desk), 9 single earrings (I don’t have a place on my body for single earrings, just to clear that up) 10 batteries 11 post-it note pads 12 pens without caps on them. And yes, I do feel lucky. And grateful because to me, these things are signs of wealth. I talked with my friend Chris in Kenya, and when I say he has nothing, he literally has nothing. So yes, I am filled with gratitude. And my desk drawer is cleaner!


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