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The 30 Days of Thanks Last night I was at the Memorial Hospital, where I volunteer at the family room outside the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. The hospital has 13 channels, and one of them had the Lawrence Welk Show. I love that music, and was quite pleased when one of the families left that show on the hospital TV. The Lawrence Welk Show used to air on Saturday nights, and my grandparents watched it religiously. So I knew the names of the cast members, and most of the songs. I think it is probably why I love Big Band music and the songs of that era. I confess that watching the Lawrence Welk show again last night made me smile, remembering Saturday evenings with a fire in the fireplace, playing cards, drinking tea, and watching “Welkie.” My grandfather passed on, and when I was living in Hawaii in the 1990s, I was fortunate enough to meet Cissy King, one of the singers and dancers, and one of my grandmother’s favorite performers. She was very kind and sent my grandmother a signed portrait. It was a terrific birthday present for my grandmother, who lived until she was 103. Thanks Lawrence Welk! Dr. Mary Kelly, CDR, USN (ret)

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  1. Wata

    I had a mad crush on Bobby the dancer!!! We lived in Arizona when my dad was in Vietnam the first time. Lawrence Welk was on the TV and we watched it every week. I always wanted to meet Joanne Castle. I was amazed that she could play the piano without looking at the keys. We even went to the Az State Fair in Phoenix one year because Joanne was playing. Amazing player. Funny what you can remember about those old days…. Aloha, Wata


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