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My library account said that I had two items that were overdue. I knew my items were not overdue. I knew this with the same certainty that I know that I will, at some point this week, misplace my car keys. Lose car keys, yes. Lose library materials? Never. I know this because I neurotically track my borrowed books, CDs, and Audio books as prized possessions. They get a special bag that transports them carefully, and the inventory sheet stays with the bag. So when I saw the email notice indicating my tardiness, I used it as an excuse to scoot off to the library on a Sunday afternoon. I found the nicest librarian, and she and I together found the truant CDs right there on the shelf, where they belong. She apologized for the error, and I told her that I was grateful for the excuse to make the trek. Perusing the shelves of the library is like waking up on Christmas morning. You never know what you’ll find. I discovered 6 new treasures to take home today. What a great break! I think the reason I enjoy books so much is the way books allow me to explore the world through someone else’s perspective, and from their corner of the universe. For a moment in time, I get to feel what that author portrays. I get to breathe their air and experience their world. And I get all this from a visit to my local library. Big thanks this week to all of the librarians who help people find just that right book to transport them to that other world. Mary Kelly

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  1. Cris Carter

    How special that you chose to make a trip to the library, over a mistake, a remarkable experience. Good job. I love our PPLD library, in person and on line. Dare I read further to see what otherwise mundane experiences, Mary Kelly is able to make memorable?


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