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I heard someone mention work-life balance. Work is part of life, and while I agree that working nonstop can be tedious, not having work is worse. Work is healthy. Work is productive. Work provides a schedule and a discipline that helps organize the day. Oh, and there is the idea that we work for income. I look forward to meeting people who do, and ostenstensibly, enjoy the same type of job I do. And that seems to be the key to a work-life balance. Enjoying work is the key. Much of the work I do is on a computer, and I have, at times, been accused of an emotional atteachment to my computer. But. I protest, it is so easy to be productive online. I don’t play games. I do research. I read. I learn every time I log on. I enjoy learning. So, by the transitive property, I enjoy work. Balanced? Dunno. But fun. by Mary Kelly


  1. Meredith Masse, MPOWER Consulting

    Bravo! Indeed when you love what you do it doesn’t feel like “work.” Dr. Mary Kelly is the poster child for loving her work! And it shows in everything she does.

    And the KEY to loving what you do: do what you do best, naturally. If you’re a systematic, detail-oriented introvert embrace those strengths and look for the jobs that USE those talents. Perhaps outside sales is not for you but consider accounting, engineering, systems administration. These roles NEED your talents.

    If you’re a jump-in-head-first-risk-taking extrovert, shout it from the rooftops that this is how you’ll add the most value. Perhaps a routinized position as a cubicle-dweller analyszing financial spreadsheets is, well, not the best idea for you.

    Understand and embrace who you are and what you do naturally, find the work that allows you the freedom to be yourself, and you’ll be find happiness, success and balance naturally follow.

    Thanks, Mary, for these insights!!

  2. Gina Spinuzzi McCormick

    First, let me say that I just “met” you and I love your blog. I have only just been introduced to blogging as a legitimate art form. I thought it was for kids. As for work-life balance, I do agree that work is healthy. As one of the many (temorarily) unemployed, I have to work hard in my job search and take great care to keep a schedule. My job brought order to my life and a certain sense of meaning – not to say that without work I have no meaning. On the contrary. I have children. I do look forward to having a productive job again to balance my life back out. This time, however, I hope to find something that really lets me stretch and grow into the me I know I can and should be!


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