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I would like to eat healthier. I would like to actually consume my full share of the recommended 9 fruits and vegetables. The problem?? I eat like a 3rd grader. I eat sporadically, when food is available, and when left to my own foraging devices, often resort to easy and fast. Cookies fit the bill well. If I need a fruit, I have been known to pour a glass of wine. That is not to imply that I don’t realize the valuable aspects of healthy food. Fresh, healthy food prevents diseases, contributes to a sense of well-being, and is, well, healthier. So what stops me? I just don’t take the time. I know it is important, but I sometimes neglect healthy provisioning in the day to day rush to whittle away at the To-Do list. So just for today, I am going to think really hard about eating 9 fruits and vegetables today. I will make an effort to eat a healthy salad. I may even try to rescue one of the fruits in my refrigerator. Being and staying healthy is one way we can be more productive. So I will try. Just for today.


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