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No, not like landscapes or anything that requires artistic talent. I am talking about putting paint on walls and changing the room, using “Polar Bear White” trim, and making the nicks and other imperfections go away. Painting is healthy and theraputic. In a few hours you get to completely change a complete place. With a few hours of focus (and a few sore muscles, if you are me) we can enact transformation of a place and its environment. I wonder why changing ourselves is so hard? I met a young woman who went to the emergency room with back pain and to everyone’s surprise, mostly her own, 2 hours later she gave birth. The baby was a complete shock. Imagine how many aspects of her life changed in that 2 hour period. Thankfully, she is thrilled and the baby is doing well. I babysat for a friend’s dog over the weekend and thought that required a few changes in my life…..I commend my young friend for being so willing to completely change her whole life with 2 hours of notice. And everyone else who is willingly embracing change.


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