12 Months of Business Growth

Thank you so much for being interested in my 12 Month Business Success and Accountability Planner!

We worked really hard to create this 12 month planner. For every month, you will see 2 pages of accountability, plus a page of what 30 items you really need to do per month. Then there is a 5-Minute Business Success Plan that focuses ONE aspect of your business or organization every month.

This is the 12 Month Planner I use with my coaching clients, executive teams, and facilitated masterminds.

The 5-Minute Plans come from my 2020 book called 5 Minutes Per Week – 52 Weeks to Building a Better Business.

If you would like a free 15-minute consultation with Mary about what she can do to increase leadership, productivity, and profits for your group, conference, or company, please schedule a time that works for you here: BookMe.Name/MaryKelly

You can also call Mary directly at 719-357-7360

12 Months of Business Growth

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