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Title - Improving Communication - Teamwork

Stop the Barking: Communication That Works Now

Lack of communication is a common employee frustration. Communication is how we get things accomplished, and miscommunication is the number one way that we screw things up. Are your employees telling you what is really going on? Would your employees tell their friends that you are a great boss and communicator? Are you and your organization wasting time with poor communications? Can you afford to?

This energetic seminar increases communication effectiveness within the workplace (and it works at home too). Topics include how to get what you want through three proven communication practices, maximizing email responsiveness, enthusiastic personal interactions, and written effectiveness.

Most of us believe we are good communicators. (Most of us also believe we are above-average drivers.) Regardless of how good we think we are with communication, it is helpful to review our approaches and constantly work to improve. Different People need different methods of communication. Ultimately, communication is how we get things done, so let’s try to be good at it.

Top 10 Military Secrets for Leading Highly Productive Teams: How the Military Builds Teamwork and Mission Accomplishment and How You Can Too

Getting people to work together is challenging. Office tension, competition, gossip, personal agendas and pettiness reduce morale and productivity.

Do you ever wonder how the military recruits people from diverse environments and coalesces them into cooperative, fighting teams? Find out how you can use military approaches to enhance communication and teamwork, develop integration, and facilitate a positive work environment.

  • Learning Outcomes:
  • Be more productive in less time
  • Work together to accomplish more
  • Communicate clearly among all levels
  • Set and exceed expectations
  • Conquer the obstacles that create barriers to effective teamwork.
  • Cross generational gaps and use the strengths of the people you work with

The military forges cohesive teams and leaders and you can too!

Mary Kelly PhD, CSP, CDR, US Navy (Ret) Speaker, Consultant, Naval Commander, Author, Professor shows you the secrets of becoming A TRUE LEADER!

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