Business Growth
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Business Growth and Economic Development

15 Ways to Grow Your Business in Every Economy

You are wonderful with clients, you understand what you need to do to stay current in your field, and you have a great staff, but running a business is tough. Working in the financial profession today involves all kinds of other tasks as well. In this fast-paced, dynamic, and fun session, Mary incorporates workable solutions for today’s tough business problems. Learn how to maximize your time and resources for greater productivity and profits.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Learn how to put together a dynamite, well organized business plan that defines your business strategy with Mary’s easy-to-use, fill-in-the-blank templates.
  • Discover how to use your business relationships to further your business with a structured referral system.
  • Be able to track the strengths and weaknesses of your teams to best assign tasks, align goals, and achieve optimal outcomes.
  • Implement actionable items to create cohesive teamwork, improve personal and professional productivity, and better engage those around you using a daily tracking tool.
  • And 11 other actions that grow your business.

Unlock the Future of the Economy: What Businesses Need to Know and Do For the Next 12 Months

The economic and political landscape is rapidly changing in the US as well in Europe and
Asia. Socio-political events are impacting the financial markets as never before. What do
you need to know? How is the economy going to impact your business?

– Understanding the economic issues that make headlines is critical to making good
decisions. What happens now will impact markets for the next 5 years. What trends
should we watch and where should we look for more information?
– Learn what you need to track to protect and guide your business and your clients in this
volatile environment.
– Participants receive a global status update on what is going well and where we should
be concerned. We’ll tour the European crisis and discover what Greece, Italy, Spain and
Portugal need to do to survive before heading to Asia to explore their issues and the
forces that drive their economic decisions.

Mary provides an engaging and interesting economic update on the latest trends and
forecasts. Specifically, she will review US spending and budget issues, tax changes, and
legislative actions that impact advisers and business owners.

Bonus topics include banking changes, likely regulatory responses, and how technology
can help us communicate with and protect our clients.



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