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Leading Changes

  Are You Leading or Just Watching Change? Most people don’t like change. Change brings uncertainty, causes anxiety, and is frequently accompanied by fear. With all the change that may be happening in a person’s particular role or industry, some workers may fear...

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Why Your Leadership Instincts are Wrong

 Why Your Leadership Instincts are WrongI was talking with a Dad of one of the kids on my Little League team the other day about his children. He is struggling because he wants to give his children a wonderful childhood, but he wants them to be generous and...

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How Leaders Work a Room – Be a Rockstar Networker

  How Leaders Work a Room - Be a Rockstar Networker You’ve seen confident charismatic leaders who change the energy of the room when they walk through the door. The really great ones are masterful at making everyone feel noticed, appreciated, and special. How do...

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Plan NOW for Emergency Situations

 Plan NOW for Emergency SituationsDo you know that fewer than 50 percent of Americans have a will or trust?While I mainly speak about leadership, I'm also passionate about educating people about the importance of organizing life's important documents in case of...

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Are You A Visionary Leader?

 Are You A Visionary Leader?A COO of a major hospital just asked me about business planning. He asked:"Do we start with the business plan or start with the vision?"Answer: Start with the vision. You need a vision before you start the serious strategic planning....

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Is your leadership getting in the way of profitability?

 Is your leadership getting in the way of profitability?Leaders often don’t realize how much of a role they play in the success or failure of all aspects of business growth. Great leaders run profitable companies because they follow great leadership practices....

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Real Leadership Potential: 15 Ways to Spot Great Leaders

 Real Leadership Potential: 15 Ways to Spot Great LeadersIn our latest book, Why Leaders Fail and the 7 Prescriptions for Success, we identify characteristics people need in leadership positions to be successful.We look for successful leaders when we make hiring...

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Leading Your Team’s Training

What are you doing do you continuously learn, stay current in your field, and improve your job skills?

If you are like most executives you read articles, books and blogs on your subject area. You attend conferences and workshops about leadership, marketing, and your industry. You network with peers and spend time learning from others.

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