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Are you a leader who can be coached?

  Are you a leader who can be coached? Second Lieutenant David Higgins, USMC, one of my former students, competed in the summer 2016 Olympics in Brazil. One of the key traits of the best athletes in the world that they are coachable. They have coaches who help...

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Leading Employees to Think Like Owners

  Leading Employees to Think Like Owners Leadership is unlocking people's potential to become better. - Bill Bradley Do your team members behave as though they own the company? Well, they should.  You make decisions based on what you believe is good for the...

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Is Your Leadership Team Asking Stupid Questions?

  Are You Asking Stupid Questions? Are your leaders asking stupid questions? If they are, they will likely get stupid answers when they do get answers, and they will believe the answers. Leaders like the illusion that if they walk around and ask employees questions...

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Leading Changes

  Are You Leading or Just Watching Change? Most people don’t like change. Change brings uncertainty, causes anxiety, and is frequently accompanied by fear. With all the change that may be happening in a person’s particular role or industry, some workers may fear...

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Why Your Leadership Instincts are Wrong

 Why Your Leadership Instincts are WrongI was talking with a Dad of one of the kids on my Little League team the other day about his children. He is struggling because he wants to give his children a wonderful childhood, but he wants them to be generous and...

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How Leaders Work a Room – Be a Rockstar Networker

  How Leaders Work a Room - Be a Rockstar Networker You’ve seen confident charismatic leaders who change the energy of the room when they walk through the door. The really great ones are masterful at making everyone feel noticed, appreciated, and special. How do...

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