I booked Mary Kelly, for our Asia Professional Speakers convention 2015 in Singapore. As a leadership author and speaker myself, I have very high standards and little tolerance for vacuous feel good statements. Mary Kelly delivered above and beyond expectations; her rapid fire insights with pragmatic and practical take-aways confirmed that I made the right decision. Smart and funny with an ability to connect with diverse audience makes Commander Kelly the intelligent choice for your next conference.

Andrew Bryant, CSP

Motivational Speaker

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What Makes Your Customers Walk Away and Not Return?

What Makes Your Customers Walk Away and Not Return?One of the most crucial elements of any business — customer service — can literally make or break your bottom line.If your business is not as profitable as you’d like, take a look at how your customers are being...

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How To Attract and Recruit Top Talent

How To Attract and Recruit Top TalentI have a program for corporations and associations called A.R.M.E.D. – How to Attract, Recruit, Mentor, Evolve, and Develop the Next Generation of Leaders.U.S. unemployment levels are at record lows, around 4%, and I expect that...

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Where Does U.S. Manufacturing Really Stand?

Where Does U.S. Manufacturing Really Stand? The past year has produced some seemingly very positive data for the American manufacturing sector. Most notable has been the dramatic rise of the Dow Jones Industrial Average, a stock market index that tracks 30 major U.S....

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Are You Avoiding Dangerous Assumptions?

Are You Avoiding Dangerous Assumptions? Our brains are formatted to detect patterns, and we often make assumptions to fulfill our desire to make sense of what find them everywhere. Still, assumptions can be dangerous. They can severely damage our relationships with...

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The Six Steps for Smart Succession Planning

According to a Nationwide survey, the majority of business owners with 300 employees or fewer do not have a succession plan. A leader’s job is to plan for the future. Business owners and those in senior executive positions are often woefully unprepared to turn over their business and their jobs. Leaders need to develop a plan that ensures both a smooth transition AND the ongoing longevity of the business after the owner or senior people have handed over the reins.

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